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Some sites, listed on CSGOroute, have special badges. They will allow you, guys, quickly understand special features of a service

Bonus sites with special bonuses for gamblers

HOT trendy services that created a resonance in the community

CS:GO betting sites let you bet on the price of skins raising or falling, the flip of a coin, or the outcome of a match. The best bit, is you can usually pay using old skin keys, and get cool new skin keys in return.

Each website has a slightly different way to play, but most of them have simple rules. Bet on a result of the event, and if you guessed right, you get CS:GO skins or coins.

The higher the bet is, the better your chances of winning are.

We have checked out each website and ranked it on a scale of 1-10, considering the price of the bet, the different games available, and the chances of winning. So you know that this is the best CS:GO betting website for you.

Each betting website is manually examined, so you know that your chosen betting website is trustworthy and reliable.

We check if there are any promo codes or bonuses available such as a free bet or deposit. This means that you can get more bets for your buck, and the more bets you place, the more CS:GO skins you can win.

All the ways to pay and collect your winnings;

The promo codes to save you money on your bets;

The bonuses to make every bet feel like a winning;

An in-depth analysis of every CS:GO betting website;

Take the hassle out of CS:GO betting sites for poor and CSGO jackpot or csgo gambling sites , by checking out our reviews.

It may seem like betting services are all similar to each other you just check a list of upcoming events and bet on a winner or on some specific results. But many CSGO betting websites have additional features, so we mention them in our reviews, to let you get maximin from their service. Of course, we care about your safety, so post information only about truthful sites.

So, here are some criteria for us to choose a site and to list it on CSGOroute:

Free CSGO betting sites we look for services with special promo programs, which allow using them even without depositing skins, but, for example, with free coins.

The best CSGO betting sites propose as many Esports events as possible, listing all the significant tournaments.

We post information about CSGO betting sites with codes of their referral program, to allow you getting free coins. After creating and sharing your own code, you get an extra percent from bets of the referrals.

We list cheap CSGO betting sites as well as those with only big bets acceptable. This is useful for players, who dont want to risk much and just try their predicting skills.

Easy and fast withdrawing of winnings is a necessary part of nice CS:GO gambling sites. Use your CS:GO skins to bet on fun games; The most exclusive CS:GO betting platform; The social gambling game; A nice CS:GO betting site; A service, where CS:GO players can try their luck and get awesome skins; Online Esports betting and odds; Dont camp while your favorite teams fight it out! Play with them!


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